Consultation and Interpretation そうだん と つうやく

Information Desk For Foreign Residents : IRUMA CITY(がいこくじん そうだんまどぐち)

We are happy to counsel and provide you with much helpful information! Our services are free.

せいかつ しごと ぜいきん てがみ ビザ など なにか こまったときに そうだんしてください。

Languages available
English, Spanish, 中文

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Saitama Information & Support (SIS) : SAITAMA PREFECTURE(がいこくじん そうごう そうだん せんたー)

SIS gives advice on everyday life issues in foreign languages over the phone. And also can provide interpretation over the phone at public facilities such as prefecutural and municipal offices or hospitals.

でんわで そうだんできます。しやくしょや びょういん などで にほんごが わからないときは でんわで つうやくします。

Languages available
English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Nepali and plain Japanese

Immigration Services Agency of Japan  外国人在留支援センター(FRESC)



Studying Japanese Language にほんごの べんきょう

Japanese Language Class : Iruma International Friendship Society(にほんご きょうしつ)

There are two Japanese language classes by the Iruma International Friendship Society.

いるましには 2つ にほんご きょうしつが あります。

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Informations for living in Iruma city せいかつの じょうほう

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Newsletter しんぶん

Iruma COM+COM(いるま こむこむ)

A newsletter in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese is issued monthly. It contains essential information taken from the City Newsletter (Koho Iruma).

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Newsletter in “Plain Japanese”(やさしい日本語の 情報)

A newsletter in Plain Japanese is issued monthly. It contains essential information for foreign residents taken from the Iruma COM+COM.

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受付時間 9:00-17:00 [ 土・日・祝日除く ]